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Create orders to generate quotes, confirmations, and delivery notes. See the status of orders and view documents.


When buying or selling something in Xena, the process begins with the creation of an order.

Order status

Regardless of the type of business you have, an efficient workflow is crucial for the quality and effectiveness of your deliveries. With Xena's order status, you get a tool that helps you control your orders, ensuring a clear overview and a proper workflow.

Templates for sales orders

Templates for sales orders are a feature in Xena that allows you to create sales orders with predefined information quickly and easily.

Tasks on an order

An order can consist of multiple tasks. Here are the unique possibilities it offers.

Article lines on an order

Article lines on an order in Xena offer several functions and details. Here is some valuable information.

Order responsible

If there are multiple people handling the creation and processing of orders, it is advantageous to select a responsible person for each order. This makes it easier to keep track of the orders each person is working on.

Order Statistics

Do you want to see expected costs or realized costs in your order history?


By following these steps, you can create, manage, and keep track of your offers in Xena.

Subscription Management

Do you have recurring subscription agreements, such as for window cleaning, rent, or flowers? Xena makes it easy to automatically invoice these agreements on time.

Copy order

In Xena, you can copy an order or a task. For example, you can also copy a sales order to a purchase order for easy ordering of goods.

Split and merge orders

Xena has a unique future to split and merge order lines and tasks from one or many open orders on a partner to a new order.

Document Folders

All orders and projects have a tab called 'Documents' where you can create folders to organize saved documents.

Sales prices on order costs

With sales prices on order costs, you can now override the suggested sales price at the moment the cost is recorded via the order cost ledger.