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Xena helps you keep track of the offers history. Share offers with partners. No more uncertainty on what was agreed.

Order lines

Order lines on an order in Xena can do more than most. Here are some useful tips.


Orders are where offers and invoices comes from. When either buying or selling articles, services or licenses, it starts with an order in Xena.

Tasks in an order

An order can consists of multiple tasks. Here we explain the unique possibilities with tasks.


Xena can send invoices automatically if you sell services as subscriptions. If can be for software, cleaning, rent or just flowers.

Split and merge orders

Xena has a unique future to split and merge order lines and tasks from one or many open orders on a partner to a new order. This is priceless dealing when with stock count and gathering invoices.

Order status

No matter what type of business you run, the order flow and workflow is crucial for efficiency and quality. Xena gives you an efficient tool to handle order status to ensure overview.

Copy order

Make a copy of an order in Xena. It saves you a lot of time!

Assign orders to a responsible

If many people creates and do orders, the “responsible” feature will suit you. Assigned orders are easier to find.

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