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Order lines


Order lines on an order in Xena can do more than most. Here are some useful tips.

What in an order line?

An order line on an order is really an article from your articles index. It is a good idea to set price, article group, etc. for the article once and for all on the actual article. That gives you the right data in the orders right away.

Order lines are divided into tasks. Every task have its own title and description.


Create a new article from an order line

If you enter an unknown article number in an order line, Xena suggest creating this as a new article.

If the partner (customer) is a “private”, every order line will have a price including VAT. Reports will also contain order lines including VAT.


Keyboard shortcuts

Normally, online systems are very depended on the mouse. Xena is a little different. Xena has keyboard shortcuts, helping you to quickly create and edit order lines. Use the keyboard and arrow keys for navigating in order lines. It is much quicker than using the mouse.

  • Left or right key: Move focus to next or previous field.
  • Up or down key: Jump to the same field in the order line above or beneath.
  • Down key when standing in the last order line: Make a new order line.
  • CTRL + up or down key: Move the line in focus, up or down.
  • CTRL + “-“ (minus): Delete the current order line.
  • CTRL + “+” (plus): Inserts a new order line above the current.
  • Enter value in the “Total” field and the discount is calculated automatically.
  • Enter key: Jumps to the next logical field (Item no. > Text > Quantity > new order line).


More advanced features

Xena’s order lines can do more than meets the eye. The more advanced feature can be found in the options menu (the three lines) in the end of every line. Here is a description of some of them:

Order lines can be “ear marked”. That means every line can be invoiced to a different partner. This is practical in the case of an insurance or reclamation invoice where the customer are receiver, but others are paying parts of or the whole invoice.

You can change the article group in the order lines. This determents the VAT code for the article and where it will be bookkept.

Department, carrier and purpose can be set on the order line. If you use departments or other dimensions these can be set in the “Order head” or directly on the article. But you can deviate from these settings via the order lines.

Xena can handle stock count with multiple locations with every article in multiple variants. Color codes indicate the stock status for every order line:

  • Green: All systems are go, go on selling
  • Yellow: Not in stock, but new ones have been ordered
  • Red: Not in stock
  • Green/yellow: Partly in stock
  • Green/red: In stock, but in another department or in another variant
  • Yellow/red: Not in stock, but some have been ordered
  • Gray: Is delivered and invoiced

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