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Order lines

Order lines on the order in Xena can do more than most. Here are some useful tips.

What is an article line?

An article line is a line you create on an order. We often refer to it as an order line and it is simply an article from the article catalog that you have selected on an order. It is a good idea to determine the price, article group, etc., for the article within the article itself, as this information is necessary when you later want to invoice the order line.

The order lines are attached to an order task. Each task has its own heading, note, and totals.

An order line can also be based on a cost (hours and articles) registered on the order, either through the Cost Registration tab or through the EG Go app. These costs are available on the 'Costs' tab after approval and can be transferred to order lines from there. This is referred to as creating a cost-based invoice.

If a customer (Partner) is created as 'Private,' each order line will also display the amount including tax. Depending on the invoice layout you have chosen, the price including tax will also be printed for each invoice line.

Create an article from an order line

When you enter an unknown article number on an order line, the system will suggest creating it as a new article. See the search guide for more information.

Oprettelse af ordrellinjer i Xena

Keyboard shortcuts

Use the keyboard and arrow keys to navigate within order lines. It is faster than using the mouse.

  • Right and left arrows move the cursor to the next or previous field.
  • Up and down arrows move the cursor up or down one line.
  • CTRL + up/down arrow moves the line you're on.
  • Type directly in the total field, and any discounts will be calculated automatically.
  • CTRL + '-' (minus key) deletes the line.
  • CTRL + '+' (plus key) inserts a line above.
  • Enter moves the cursor to the next logical field (article number > article text > quantity > new line).

Details for order lines

When you manually create order lines on a task or transfer them from the 'Costs' tab, you can expand the line to see additional details. Here, you can view the line's sales price, cost price, gross profit, and gross profit percentage, allowing you to check your margin before, for example, submitting a proposal or sending the invoice to the customer.

You can add Article Mapping to the articles, which simply means additional article numbers that you want to display on your invoices. These can be your supplier's article number or your customer's article number. Read more about article mapping

With stock management

If you have the Stock Management app installed and you select an article with stock management, a color icon will be displayed on the order line (just before the quantity). The color indicates whether you have the article in stock or if, for example, you can only partially deliver the order line. When you hover over the colored dot, the inventory status is displayed in text.

For articles with stock management, you can select a Location to ensure that the article is deducted from the correct location.

When you expand the order line, you can see a breakdown of the current inventory, including any open and confirmed (on the way) orders.

Detaljer for en ordrelinje i Xena, hvor varen har lagerstyring

Transferred from a cost

If it is an order line transferred as grouped from the 'Costs' tab, you can see the individual registrations with the date and the employee's name in the details.

Detaljer for en ordrelinje i Xena, hvor linjen er baseret på en omkostning


The more advanced options are a bit hidden

Xena's order lines can do more than you think. The advanced features can be found in the menu (the three dots) next to each order line.


Xena's article lines can be 'earmarked'. This means that each line can be invoiced to a different partner. It is convenient if you have an insurance or warranty invoice where you want the customer to be the recipient, but where there may be others who need to pay for all or part of the invoice. Simply select the other partner in the 'Payer' field.

Article Group

An article group can be selected for the order line if it is created without selecting an article number. The article group determines the VAT rate on the order line and in which article group revenue and consumption should be posted. This is used, for example, if an order line should be sold VAT-free.


Xena can handle stock management for variants. To use variants, you need to install the Stock Management app from Xena's Appstore. With variants enabled for an article, you can switch variants via the order line's menu. By expanding the order line, you can see which variants are in stock at which locations. A color indicator on the order line will show if the article is not available at the selected location but is available at another location.

I Xena har en ordrelinje yderligere funktioner via linjens menu