Terms and conditions when using Xena

Customer data
All data that customers provides in the Xena application (my.xena.biz) is property of the customer. Xena ApS are not allowed to sell or share information with third part in any form without the customer has accepted. Xena reserves the right to use customer provided data internally in order to improve the customer experience. The customer can pull his data out of Xena at any time.

All material on the external site of Xena (xena.biz) is the property of Xena ApS. Including but not limited to news articles, forum, chats and alike. This content may not be used or quoted without permission from Xena ApS.

Cookies and privacy policy
Xena uses cookies to gather statistics about the use of the application and to provide a good service for our customers.

The cookies is stored on your device, so it is up to you weather or not you will allow us to store cookies. Notice though, if you choose to block cookies from Xena, we cannot guarantee that our website and application will work as expected.

Read more about our privacy policy here.

A subscription for Xena can be canceled at any time. Cancellation must happen at least one day before a new month starts. At cancellation, Xena will give back all the customer's data.

Cancellation and refund
Xena can be used free of charge, therefore there are no cancellation period. Subscription for Xena is payed monthly in advance and are not refundable.

When providing credit card information to Xena you accept that Xena automatically renews the subscription every month. Subscriptions can be canceled or started at any time.

Xena delivers an online account system but the customer is responsible for using it. The customer is responsible for reviewing the data produced by Xena (for example tax calculations, reports, etc.). Xena cannot be held responsible because of either direct or indirect error in the application.

Xena tries to maintain the highest level of reliability. All though, Xena cannot be held responsible for downtime do to force majeure, including but not limited to power failure, internet connection issues, hacker attacks, viruses, etc.

Xena reserves the right to update the application at any time. When updating, downtime can accrue.

Price changes
Xena can adjust the price with advance notice.

Changes to terms and conditions
Xena reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.