8. Jul 2021

7 updates you shouldn't miss

Efficiency | 5 min. read

More that 530 small and bigger changes has been committed to Xena in the first half of 2021. Here are the seven most important for your everyday work.

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9. Mar 2021

Announcement: Free version of Xena is being phased out

Free version phased out

About us | 2 min. read

Notice about Xena Free ending May 1, 2021.

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12. Feb 2021

Connect with your webshop

Integrations Pairy

Business | 2 min. read

Our collaboration with Pairy enables Xena to integrate with seven of the most popular webshop systems.

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17. Nov 2020

Changes in our design optimizes your day

About us | 2 min. read

Even small changes can make a big difference. For example can layout changes save you time when looking for the newest information.

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17. Jul 2020

How to load bank transactions

Autoload bank transactions

Efficiency | 2.5 min. read

You can hook up Xena with your bank. Now all your bank transactions can be loaded automatically for reconciliation.

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10. Jul 2020

How to organize documents in Xena

Efficiency | 2.5 min. read

Here is an overview of how to store and organize files, using relations, versions and folders.

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15. Apr 2020

Our website for app developers

About website for developers

About us | 2 min. read

We have a website specially made for delevopers of apps and integrations in Xena.

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31. Mar 2020

New design in voucher registration

Redesign of voucher registration

Efficiency | 2 min. read

The new design gives better overview and is more accesible.

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