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2022 year in review

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Let's look back at EG Xena 2022.

2022 was the year in which the vast majority finally returned physically to their workplace after the corona pandemic. However, the business has not stood still in any way, as can be seen in our statistics for EG Xena. We are very pleased that both our users and we have made positive progress. In particular, we enjoy being able to help more and more companies to have an effective overview of their business. 

During the year, we’ve released bi-weekly updates – more than 20 valuable product updates. Some of them contain minor adjustments, while other updates have extended existing features or implemented completely new ones. In particular, the branding of our product has changed during 2022, when we have continuously renewed colors, icons and logos.

See all release notes from 2022 (Danish)


2023 will focus on legislation

In a large part of the past year we have been preparing for the new Danish Bookkeeping Act. For some time now, we have been in close dialog with the Danish Business Authority and followed their work in the preparation of the executive orders, which form the framework for the requirement specification for the future digital bookkeeping requirements in Denmark.

Our work in the coming year will largely be centered on the implementation of the new requirements so that EG Xena can be registered as an approved standard accounting system with the Danish Business Authority in the autumn of 2023.

We strive to keep you well informed about what is happening regarding the Danish Bookkeeping Act.


Happy New Year!

We wish all our users and partners a happy New Year and look forward to the coming year’s expansions to functionality and the full support of the new Danish Bookkeeping Act.