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Case Camping

Integrations is key for the online shop, in their automated web shop with more than 3,000 articles.

The online web shop for camping equipment,, was founded in 2003. Today it is managed by Bjørn Sahl and his employees. Recently they moved to a brand-new warehouse in Horsens, Denmark, with room enough for their 3,200 different articles. Every year they ship 15,000 packages to camping enthusiasts in Denmark.

The vision is to have the greatest selection of quality camping equipment at a low price. Furthermore, they put pride in delivering the ordered items quickly and efficient to the customer. To help them reach these goals, they picked Xena as their platform.


Automated workflow in web shop

To understand how has automated their web shop, let's follow an order through the system. Notice the three important integrations with Xena.

  1. The customer completes a purchase in the web shop. The shop from Dandomain is integrated with Xena. That enables automatic communication between the systems regarding inventory status and new orders.
  2. In Xenas' order overview, employees can see which orders can be shipped right away because all articles are in stock. They immediately start packing the items.
  3. When the order is packed, the payment is transferred and the order bookkept in the fiscal.
  4. Now the package is ready for shipping. Integration with the online service Shipmondo, enables to use their own shipment deals and print package labels.
  5. Finally, the app Automatic Reconciliation matches orders and payments in the fiscal with bank postings. Only payments not matching an order is left for manual handling – it could be purchase orders or sales orders modified before invoiced.


Optimized workflow equals better revenue

Thank to three important integrations from Xena App Store – Dandomain webshop, Shipmondo and the app Automatic Reconciliation – has successfully optimized and automated a large part of their workflow. warmly recommend the integrations. Avoiding a lot of manual work results in better revenue and more focus on delivering quality service to customers.

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