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Stock management moves to new module

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Not everyone needs functions for stock management. Therefore, we are moving this functionality to an independent module.

Early in the history of EG Xena, we added stock management to the range of features. Since then, stock management has been a standard part of a Xena fiscal. But far from all companies need the complex functions that stock management offers.

Therefore, we have decided to move everything that belongs to stock management to a new separate module. You can read exactly what this means for you and your accounts in this article.


What is stock management?

Stock management provides a number of advanced features. For example counting articles, receiving new articles, and controlling warehouses and locations. EG Xena helps you keep track of how many articles you have in stock, reserved articles, how many are sold and the value of the articles you have in stock. Everything is closely linked to the bookkeeping.

All these are very good features – if you have physical articles. It can also be a complex job to maintain and support it. So, from April 1, 2023, our built-in stock management will no longer be free.


New module for stock management

If you don't need stock management in your fiscal, it can actually just get in your way. Therefore, stock management will no longer be a standard feature in EG Xena.

As of January 10, 2023, the features associated with stock management will be moved to a separate module that can be purchased and installed via our app store.

  • Info for existing users of stock management

    If you use our stock management in a fiscal today, you will continue to have access to it all, free of charge until March 31, 2023. A few buttons will be moved around, but they are still close to where they usually were. The price of the module will off cause include support and unlimited use.

    If you du not want to continue use the stock management module when it becomes a paid add-on, you can uninstall the module.

  • Info for existing accounts that do not use stock management

    If you haven't activated the stock management features today, we will remove them from your fiscal. This will make the handling of your accounts and articles much simpler in the future.

  • Creation of new fiscals

    All new fiscals created after January 10, 2023, will by default be without stock management. If you need it, the new module can be purchased in our app store.


More about stock management

If you have any questions about the consequences of this change or have any questions about the features, please contact us via our support.

You can also read more about the functions related to stock and articles at the following links: