Efficiency • 30-07-2018

How to avoid "out of stock"

70 % of consumers just move on to you competitor if do not have articles in stock.


According to a survey published by Microsoft ("Plugging Out of Stock Gaps in Consumer Goods"), it is an costly problem to have empty shelves. If you are "our of stock" on the thing your customer searches for, only 30 % will stay and try to find something else. The other 70 % just move on to your competitor.


Accurate inventory management part of the solution

In most instances the problem can be solved with better predictions of demand. So you need to have complete control of your inventory status. Xena can help you here!

Stock count is basically very simple; if you have 5 shirts and sell 1, you have got 4 left. But when you have hundreds or thousands of different variants, stored in different locations, coming from different suppliers it is not so simple anymore.

If you setup Xena to know your warehouses and locations of the articles, Xena will be a trustful helper with inventory status.


Xena's stock count

Xena keeps an eye on what is purchased and sold on the articles that is setup for inventory management. The current status can be passed on to your web shop. We tell you when it is time to order new stuff to have enough to meet demand (your stock capacity plus reserved articles).

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