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Manage stock articles, record consumption, and reorder from suppliers.

Stock management

With the EG Xena Stock Management app, you get easy, yet comprehensive stock management.

Manage variants for articles

An article in Xena can be created with different variants. These variants can include colors, sizes, types, or any other attributes that apply to the article you sell

Reconciliation of articles(Purchase Orders)

Function for reconciliation of average prices and the ledger account "Unpaid stock."

Stock and average prices

Here are examples of how Xena adjusts and calculates the average price of articles with stock management.

Stock value and stock balance

When using stock management, there are several points that MUST be followed to ensure the accurate calculation of your stock value

Deactivate stock management

Good advice for deactivating stock management


A bundle is a list of articles that make up a finished product. It can be a set consisting of a bucket and a broom.


Locations in Xena - A guide to creation and management

Replenish locations

Location replenishment is a feature that shows where there is a need to replenish the stock.