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Article mapping


Article mapping enables you to buy and sell the same article with different article numbers. So you can create your own article number and text while buying from multiple suppliers using their article number and text.

How to use article mapping in Xena

It is possible to assign article number, text and quantities to specific partners (customers and suppliers). Doing article mapping in this way, a buying order or sales order will partner’s article number and text and be in the packaging this mapping determents.

You can see, create and import articles for mapping directly on a partner.

When mapped like this, an article can be found searching for this “partner article number” on orders.

Prints from an order for the partner (whether customer or supplier) will have the partner’s own article number and text.

This is particularly practical when buying or selling articles to foreign partners. The article number will not be the only thing connecting the “dots”, the article text can be in the partner’s language.

Here, quantity determents how the packaging should be. For example, if the quantity is set to 12, it means that orders must be done in a number that is divisible by 12. Thus, if the order is for 24 units, it is clear that the order is for two packages with 12 units. 

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