Article mapping
Article mapping enables you to buy and sell the same article with different article numbers. So you can create your own article number and text while buying from multiple suppliers using their article number and text.
Manage variants for articles
Same article can different variants, like color, size, age, type or other things. Hare, you learn how to manage them in Xena.
Articles and other services
This article explains how the articles list works. No matter what you sell – being work hours, licenses, chocolate or paint – it is an “article”.
Use barcodes
Learn how to use a barcode reader with sales and purchase orders in Xena.
Copy articles
Use the copy function to create articles that are similar to each other.
Import articles
Learn how to use the import feature for articles, prices and EAN numbers.
Price module
In Xena you can control agreements on discounts, fixed prices, time specific campaigns and prices based on quantity. And you can do it in multiple currencies. All have acces to Xena’s price module. Both for buying and selling.

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