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Divide articles or services you sell into article groups. Enable advanced price management.

Article groups

Article Groups play a significant role in Xena. It is within Article Groups that you determine the VAT code per country you sell to and record both your purchases and sales.

Articles and services

Gain a better understanding of how the articles work in Xena. Whether you're selling hours, licenses, chocolate, or paint, they are all products being sold.

Import articles

Learn how to use the import feature for articles, prices and EAN numbers in Xena.

Price module

With Xena, you can manage discount and pricing agreements, time-limited campaigns, and quantity-dependent prices.


When you add an article to the order, you can automatically include one or more articles as accessories to the original article. These accessories are automatically added to the order when the original article is added.

Article mapping

Article mapping allows you to buy and sell the same article using multiple different article numbers and descriptions.

Merge article groups

If you have created redundant article groups or simply want to merge two groups, you can use the function to merge article groups

Copy articles

Use the copy function to create articles that are similar to each other.

Use barcodes

Scan barcodes for faster order line registration in Xena

Article reports

Overview of reports related to articles and/or the stock module

External article lookup

With external article lookup, the process of article creation is simplified, as you no longer need to manually load price lists from your wholesalers. Articles are dynamically created only when needed in your accounts. This streamlines the process and eliminates the need to have inactive articles cluttering your article catalog.

Discount and markup on external article provider

How to set up article groups, discounts, and markup for partners connected as external article providers.