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Articles and other services

This article explains how the articles list works. No matter what you sell – being work hours, licenses, chocolate or paint – it is an “article”.

How to create an article

Create articles via the menu Article > Create article (available in both Sales and Stock).

Articles can be created from all the places you need them. For example in order lines. Just type the article number from the article you want to buy or sell. If the articles does not exist, a dialog will give you the option to create it.


Import articles/prices from CSV file

You can load articles and prices into Xena via CSV files. Please see the Xenapedia article about import in Xena.


Example: Create “work hours” as an article

Go to Stock > Article > Create article. In the popup, you can enter the basic data for this new article.

You can click on “Show additional fields” to enter even more data right away. Click “Create”. Your new article is shown on the screen.

We need to change the article group in order to track how many work hours we sell compared to products. Click the edit icon. In the field “Group”, we type “Work”. That group does not exist so Xena ask if this group should be created.

Right below “Group”, we have “Sales”. In the “Quantity” row, set the unit to “hours”. It does not exist; therefore, Xena asks to create this new unit.

Now you are ready to sell “Work hours”.


Common questions about articles:

How can I set how to bookkeep sales? You don’t need any special setup to bookkeep sales of articles. However, we do recommend splitting it in some meaningful article groups.

How can I set an article to be without VAT? This is determent by the article group.

How can I see if the article is in stock? You must enable stock count on the article to control your inventory.

Can articles automatically come with some additional articles? Yes, we call it “Accessories”. 

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