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Import articles


Learn how to use the import feature for articles, prices and EAN numbers.

Importing lists of prices or articles is possible from different places in Xena. Which feature best suits you depends on the goal. Importing articles can be done in the following contexts:

  • Import articles to the Archive.
  • Import articles directly to the stock in Xena (see below).
  • Import stock value and quantity to do stock management via Ledger > Primo postings
  • Importing partner item numbers for your own item numbers (article mapping).


Import articles directly to Xena

First, go to Stock > Import. Here you find the options to import articles and EAN numbers (barcodes, see below). Choose “Article import”.

Click the button “Select files” to insert the data (.txt or .csv files are accepted). Now you have to define a few settings to match the settings in the TXT or CVS files. For example, check the option “First line is header” will make sure the first line in the files becomes headers in Xena.

The files must obey these rules before Xena can read it:

  1. No doublet article numbers.
  2. Contains columns with article number and description.
  3. If you do not select an articlegroup in the top, the file must also contain articlegroup

Please, test your files in Excel to check if everything is in order. Also, try importing 10 or 20 articles in Xena to start, before importing thousands of items.

When all settings are set, you can start the import by clicking the button “Import”. If all settings are correct, the import process begins.


Delete imported articles

If you import something wrong, you can delete the articles via the article group. Go to Setup > Article setup, and choose the tab “Article groups”. Click the article group in question. In details view for the article group, you will find the tab “Articles”. You can delete all articles that have not been used in any orders.


Import EAN numbers (barcodes)

Go to Stock > Import > Import EAN number. Click “Select files” to get the TXT or CSV files. The files must match these rules for the import to work:

  1. No doublets of EAN numbers.
  2. Must contain columns with article number and EAN number.

One article can have multiple EAN numbers. For example for barcodes with quantities: A barcode for the product with only one item and a barcode for the same product with 24 items.

As with import of articles, you must set different settings to import the data correct. For example, check the option “First line is header” to make the first line in your document a header in Xena.

When you are done, click the button “Import” to begin the process.

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