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Learn how to use a barcode reader with sales and purchase orders in Xena.

Setting up your barcode reader

Basically, a barcode reader is just a keyboard. However, it types faster and more precisely that human possible. A barcode reader can be programmed to “type” a code before and after reading a barcode. This is called prefix and postfix, receptively.

To use a reader with Xena, just install it as a regular keyboard and without any prefixes. The reader must “push” return as postfix. This is a pretty common setting. In most cases, you do not need to do any configuration. Just plug ‘n play on your PC, Mac or tablet!


Register barcodes for an article

Your articles must have registered barcodes to work with the barcode reader. You can type them manually for each article or import them all via TXT or CSV file. To import barcodes, articles must exist already in Xena.

Manually set barcodes for an article: Find the article (Stock > Articles) or create a new one. In the box “Details”, choose the tab “Barcodes”.

Click on “Create barcode”. In the dialog, type (or scan) the code to the text field “Barcode”. Specify a quantity; with this feature you can have barcodes for selling one piece of the article or a six-pack. Click “Create”.

The new barcode is now listed in the article details view. To edit a barcode, simply click on it.


Use barcodes on orders

You are now ready to use barcodes on orders. (Sales > Order > Create order) Click the barcode icon or hit “F10” to add articles by reading barcodes.

Scan the articles you want to add. If you scan the same article multiple times, you will see the quantity increasing. Click “Save” or hit “F10” again to add the scanned articles to the order.

Hint: Notice, you can choose what task the scanned articles should go. Unless you opened the scanner dialog from a specific task, Xena will add the articles to the first available task. If you pick “Create new”, the articles will be added to a new task.


Xena is more efficient with barcodes

If you sell in a store or just need a quick way to register articles, try using a barcode reader. You can also have a piece of paper with the most used articles. If you have any questions, please contact us via the online chat.

PS: We do not provide support for using your barcode reader. We have good experience with regular barcode readers. Choose a supplier who can help you, if the reader does not work. 

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