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How to integrate with other systems

Xena subscription

We get more and more apps and integrations in Xena. Learn how to find the one you need and install them.

Xena App Store

When you are logged into Xena, go to Apps > App Store in the main menu. Here you see all the available apps and integrations you can install in your fiscal.

LEARN MORE: Apps and integrations.

Some apps and integrations are free, others cost a monthly fee per fiscal and/or user. This is apparent from the details about every app.


Install an app or integration

How to install an app or integration:

  1. Click the "Install now" button on the app you want to install.
  2. Choose which users should have access to the it.
  3. Read and accept the terms of use.
  4. Click the "Add" button.

Notice: You must be administrator to install apps and integrations in a fiscal. Some apps depend on other apps already being installed; this is explained in the details about the app.

If it is a paid app, you must add a credit card to your fiscal:

  1. Click the "Add credit card" button in the top of the app store view (only visible if do not already have done this).
  2. Fill out the form with details about the card and click "Save credit card".

Our payment is collected automatically and you will receive an invoice in your Xena fiscal. Go to Company > Subscription to get an overview of your Xena bill, including installed apps.


Setup in external systems

For some integrations and apps, you need to have an account or login for the external system the app or integration is connected to. Please, carefully read the details about the app to set it up correctly. Contact the supplier of the app if you need help.


Administer an app or integration

For every app or integration installed in the fiscal, you can control who have access to it. Go to Apps > App Store and tic the box "Show installed apps only". Now the list only show the apps and integrations installed in your fiscal. Pick one to see who have access.

An app or integration may have additional settings than the ones showed in the app store, e.g. in its own menu or alike. Contact the supplier of the app to get help.


Are we missing something?

If you thing we miss an app or integration in our app store, please get in touch. We love to hear feedback. You can contact us via online chat or by email.

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