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EG Apps

Below is an overview and a brief description of the apps EG has developed for Xena


EG Pro+ provides administrators with access to the entire project module, including all features, menu options, project administration, and setup. A fiscal with the project module installed must have at least one user with this role. This app also includes access to the calendar and time registration.

Appen Eg Pro+ til Xena


EG Pro provides access to the full standard project module, including all features and menu options. This role does not have access to project administration and setup. This app also includes access to the calendar.

Appen Eg Pro til Xena


EG Pro Light provides limited access to the project module, and project reports cannot be accessed. Users with this role can only work on projects and orders for which they are responsible.

Appen Eg Pro Light til Xena


EG Go is a separate web app for registering time and materials on orders. It can be used for fiscals that use project management. A user of EG Go does not have access to EG Xena.

Appen Eg Go til Xena


EG Log is an extension of the functionality for existing EG Go users. With this addition, users will be able to fill out quality and control forms, as well as access and add documents and images to existing and new orders.

Appen Eg Log til Xena


Quality insurance provides access to creating customized quality and control forms for use with the EG Log app. The forms can be created based on available standards from Dansk Byggeri or completely customized.

Appen Kvalitetssikring til Xena


EG TraceTool allows you to transfer tool and equipment handouts from TraceTool to Xena. These handouts are added as costs to the tasks, which can later be transferred for invoicing.


EG Paymentservice enables sending and receiving data to and from EG Payroll Service.

Appen Eg Lønservice til Xena


Advanced Price Agreements allow the creation of multiple price agreements per article and setup of fixed price and discount agreements for price groups.

App med avancerede prisaftaler i Xena


Stock management provides access to managing articles in warehouses and locations, registering consumption, reordering from suppliers, and much more.

App med lagerstyring i Xena


Xenapedia provides access to lookup guides directly from Xena. It is installed as a menu item under the Apps module.

Appen Xenapedia til Xena


Installing a New App

To install an app, open the menu Apps > App Store.

  1. Click on the "Install Now" button
  2. In the user overview, select who should have access to the app
  3. Before clicking the 'Add' button at the bottom, you will see the total monthly cost.


Adding Users to an Existing App

If you have changes regarding which installed apps a user should have access to, this can be done in 2 ways:

  • Go to Setup > Company > Users. Click on the menu (the 3 dots) next to the user and select 'Customize Apps'
  • Go to Apps > App Store. Click on the app to assign/remove. Choose either:
    • 'Add Users'. Now an overview of users who currently do not have the app will be displayed. Select and click 'Add'
    • Or click on the menu (the 3 dots) next to the user and select 'Delete'.

In addition to app selection, each user must also be assigned a role. Here you can see an overview of what each role grants access to in Xena.