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EG Xena

Manage Appstore and users and read about Xena API.

How to use Xena Appstore

We are continually adding more apps and integrations to Xena. Read here how to find the ones you need and install them.

EG Apps

Below is an overview and a brief description of the apps EG has developed for Xena

Use Xena's API

Ise Xena's API for Efficient Data Integration

Local Copy

Local Copy of Your Data in Xena - Security and Freedom


When you create your user in Xena, it represents you as an individual, not your company. Also, learn how to add other users to your fiscal.

User roles

In Xena, roles are crucial in determining the access and functionality a user has in the accounting system.

Accountant access

When you need to send your financial statements to your accountant in Xena, it is recommended to invite the accountant as a user into the system and it is free!

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Delete fiscal and user account

If you no longer wish to use Xena and want to delete your accounts and user, here is a guide on how to do it.