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Local Copy

Local Copy of Your Data in Xena - Security and Freedom

In Xena, you always have the assurance that your data is protected as the system continuously backs up your data. But what if you want your own local copy of your data and documents? Xena allows you to create a local copy of all your data, providing extra security and independence.

Please note: The local copy is not a backup that can be restored in Xena. It is solely to ensure that you always have access to your own data.


How to create a local copy of your fiscal

  1. Go to the menu Setup > Export/Import Data > Backup
  2. Press the 'Create' button to initiate the backup process
  3. After a few minutes (depending on the amount of data in your accounting), you will receive a notification that your backup is ready for download. You can find the notifications by clicking on your name/image in the top right corner and selecting 'Notifications.'
  4. Click the 'Export finished' link in the description column
  5. Press 'Download' to start downloading the file

Notifikation i Xena at sikkerhedskopi er klar til download



What the file contains

The file is a zip-compressed file containing all your data from Xena:

  • All your uploaded attachments and documents.
  • All invoices, offers, and other forms generated in Xena.
  • All tables with data (Partners, Items, Accounts, and much more) in CSV and XML formats.

Below is a list of the contents of the CSV files. Some CSV files are omitted from the list as they contain only technical data:

Filname Content
AbsenceDto Calendar absences
ActivityTypeDto Activity types
AdditionalArticleDto Additional article for products
AppointmentDto Calendar appointments
ArticleDto Article catalog
ArticleGroupDto Article groups
ArticleGroupVatSetupDto VAT setup for article groups
ArticleLocationSetupDto Location on articles
ArticleMappingDto Article Mapping
ArticlePostDto Article posts with quantity
ArticleVariantDto Variants for article
AveragePriceChangeDto Average price changes for article
BarCodeDto EAN numbers for articles
Bearer Bearer
BreakSetupDto Calendar break-setup
BundleItemDto Item bundles
CostTypeDto Cost types
CurrencyExchangeRateDto Currency exchange rates
DepartmentDto Department
DocumentDto Overview of all documents
DocumentRelationDto Overview of document relations
ElectronicInvoiceJournalEntryEventDto Overview of extracted electronic invoices from sales orders
ExternalArticleProviderDto External article lookup setup
ExternalArticleProviderGroupSetupDto Setup for article groups in external article lookup
FiscalPeriodDto Accounting periods
ImportedAccountDto Imported financial accounts
ImportedPartnerDto Imported partners
LedgerDto Overview of ledger drafts
LedgerPostArticleSpecificationDto Article postings
LedgerPostDto Ledger postings
LedgerTagBankContextDto Payment accounts
LedgerTagDto Ledger accounts 
LedgerTagGroupDto Ledger account groups
LocationDto Locationer
OrderArticleReservationDto Article reservations from orders
OrderConfirmationDto Overview of order confirmations
OrderDto Order overview including order master data
OrderLineBundleItemDto Bundled articles added to orders
OrderLineDto Invoice lines on orders
OrderOfferDto Overview of created offers with master data and amounts
OrderStatusDto Order Status
OrderTaskDto Overview of order tasks including master data and amounts
OrderTaskLineDto Unapproved order costs
OrderTaskPostDto Approved order costs
OrderTaskPostPreviewDto Unapproved order costs from voucher registration
OrderTaskStatusDto Order task Status
PartnerDeliveryAddressDto Delivery addresses for partners
PartnerDto Partners
PartnerEmailContactDto Emails created for partners
PartnerGLNNumberDto EAN numbers created for partners
PartnerHistoryEntryDto Overview log on partners
PartnerMailHistoryEntryDto Email log on partners including sender/recipient email address
PartnerNoteHistoryEntryDto Notes created in the log on partners
PartnerPostDto Partner postings
PartnerResourceContextDto Employee overview
PartnerTelephoneNumberDto Phone numbers for partners
PaymentDto Supplier invoices for payment
PaymentMeansDto Supplier payment setup
PostDto Financial postings
PriceDiscountAgreementDto Discount agreements
PriceGroupDto Price groups
PrimoArticlePostDto Primo postings for articles
PrimoLedgerPostDto Primo postings for ledger 
PrimoPartnerPostDto Primo postings for partners
ProjectDto Projects
ProjectGroupDto Projects groups
ProjectStatusDto Projects status types
ReminderStepDto Reminder setup
ReportEmailSetupDto Overview of email setups
ReportLayoutDto Overview of custom reports
ResourcePostDto Time registrations for employees
StockCountDraftDto Unposted stock count lines
SubscriptionDto Overview of subscriptions
SubscriptionInvoiceDto Overview of subscription invoices
SubscriptionLineDto Subscription invoice lines
TeamDto Teams
UnitDto Article units
VariantDto Article variants
VatDto VAT Codes 
VatSettlementTransactionDto Overview of VAT settlements
VolumePriceAgreementDto Articles prices
VoucherDto Overview of used voucher numbers
VoucherPreviewDto Overview of vouchers in voucher registration
WarehouseDto Warehouses
WorkScheduleDto Calendar work schedules