Backup file


In Xena, you can always get a copy of your data. That is really safety and freedom.

Why get a backup file?

In an online system like Xena, your data is secure. You don’t need to worry about backups. However, if you decide not to use Xena anymore but still need your data, Xena gives you two options for still having access to your data. Even after, you stop using Xena!

  • First option: The first user in a fiscal is always free in Xena. You can always login to Xena and view you data even if you don’t pay for Xena anymore.
  • The second option is to create a backup of all your data.


How to create a backup

  1. Go to "Company" > "Backup". Click the create button to start the process of creating a backup file.
  2. After a few minutes you will receive a notification that your backup is ready for download. You will see the notification in the top right corner, in the user menu. Open the menu and click “Notifications”.
  3. Click the notification and then click the button "Download".


What your backup contains

The compressed zip file contains all your data from Xena:

  • All your uploaded files, vouchers and documents.
  • All invoices, offers and other forms created in Xena.
  • All tables with data (partners, articles, accounts and much more) in CSV and XML format.

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