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Accountant access

When you need to send your financial statements to your accountant in Xena, it is recommended to invite the accountant as a user into the system and it is free!

How to invite your accountant

  1. Go to Setup > Company > User memberships.
  2. Click on the button 'Invite user'.
  3. Enter your accountant’s email address, assign the role 'Accountant' accept the terms and conditions, and click 'Invite'.
  4. An invitation will be sent to the accountant via email. They will now have their own personal user account.
  5. If the accountant has multiple clients in Xena, they can use the same account for all clients.

Once the accountant has access to Xena as an accountant, they will have certain permissions and capabilities within the Finance module. This includes:

  • Viewing the financial statements.
  • Creating and editing opening postings.
  • Creating and editing adjusting postings.

It's important to note that the accountant does not have access to all of your company's data. Their access is limited to the necessary tasks related to auditing.

Accountant Module and CaseWare

In addition to the basic permissions within the Finance module, the accountant also has access to a specific menu called 'Accountant'. Here, the accountant can generate reports and posting lists and exchange data with CaseWare, a popular audit software.

Xena's CaseWare integration is unique as each voucher is linked, allowing the accountant to see how each voucher is posted and access any documents associated with the voucher. Once the audit is completed, the accountant can enter any necessary adjusting entries.

By inviting your accountant as a user in Xena and utilizing the integration capabilities, you can facilitate and improve the auditing process and collaboration between your company and the accountant.

Accountants are welcome to contact support via our chat if assistance is needed.