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Accountant connection


You can send your fiscal to you accountant via an invitation. It gives the best result for all parts – and it is free!

Why it is a good idea to connect Xena to your accountant

Of cause, you could make copies, PDFs and spreadsheets and sent it all to your accountant or auditor. But Xena offers a far better way.

You can invite your accountant into your fiscal setup in Xena. He can integrate Xena in the system he uses for making revision.

A user with the accountant role in Xena, do not have access to your company data in Xena, only the Ledger section. Nor can he create or edit data in your fiscal besides opening balance and after postings.


How to invite your accountant

  1. Go to Company > User memberships. Click on the button “Invite user”.
  2. In the dialog, enter your accountant’s email address, assign the role “Accountant” and hit “Send invitation”.
  3. Now an email is send to your accountant. He signs up in Xena with his own user account. If the accountant has more clients using Xena, he can access them all from the same user account.


The accountant module

The accountant have the following main menu in Xena: Company, Ledger, Reports and Accountant.

In the section “Accountant”, he has the opportunity to pull reports and posting lists. Most importing he can pull data for the well-known accountant software CaseWare.

Xena’s integration with CaseWare is unique because every posting comes with a link back to Xena. When the accountant revises your fiscal he can see how every voucher was booked via the link provided. This applies to both vouchers bookkept manually and those made by the system when doing invoices.

If a document is related to the post, the accountant can see it right in CaseWare.

When the revising are done, the accountant can enter the after postings needed.

Accountants are very welcome to contact Xena Support via the online chat if any help is needed.

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