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Subscribe to news

Stay updated with our latest news and blog posts by subscribing to our RSS feed. You can use any RSS reader for this purpose.


In Your Browser

Many people use a built-in RSS reader in their web browser. Here's an example with Google Chrome and the Feeder extension. Since it's a personal setting in your browser, you need to be logged in with your Chrome user to install the extension and get notifications.


1: Go to 'RSS Feed Reader' in the Chrome Web Store. You can find the extension via this link:

2: Click the 'Add to Chrome' button.

RSS Feed reader i Chome Webstore.


3: A popup message will appear. Click 'Add Extension' to install it. If a new tab opens with additional settings options, you can simply close it.

Skærmbillede af en popup inden RSS Feed reader installeres.


4: Once you're logged in with your Chrome user, you can visit our blog and click 'Subscribe to News' or 'Subscribe to Updates.

Abonner på nyheder eller opdateringer via RSS feed i Xena


5: A new window with a popup from Feeder will open. Click 'Subscribe.'

Eksempel på popup fra Feeder. Knappen Subscribe er fremhævet.


6: Now you can return to our blog and add other news subscriptions. When we publish an update or a blog post, you'll see that there are unread news for you.

Udsnit fra en browser hvor RSS læser angiver at der er ulæste nyheder.



On Your Phone or Tablet

  1. Find and install an RSS reader app on your phone or tablet
  2. Visit our blog on your phone and tap on what you want to subscribe to
  3. Your device will suggest opening your RSS reader so you can subscribe to the news


In Microsoft Outlook

  1. Visit our blog and select what you want to subscribe to
  2. Copy the URL address from your browser
  3. In Outlook: Right-click on the 'RSS Subscriptions' folder and choose 'Add a New RSS Feed.'
  4. Paste the copied address and click 'Add.'

Link: Documentation at Microsoft.