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How you can use the Xena API

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The term API stands for ”Application Programming Interface”. An API can help you gather and connect different systems and data, and present these in one interface. That makes it easier to update data and find the information you need.

API is a defined way for a program to do a task, usually by getting or changing data.

Programmers can use Xenas' open API solution from our Developer site, to create apps, widgets or other projects interacting with Xena. Programs talks with Xena via HTTP, the same protocol your web browser use.


Unique two-way integration

Xena makes it possible to exchange data with other systems and software you are using in your company. Take a web shop as example: Your customer orders a product from your online shop, which triggers a big process: The product must be in stock, then be packed and shipped along with an invoice, which must be booked when paid. In addition, the stock count must be updated so you know when to order new products.

With two-way integration, Xena makes sure that data flows efficient between your systems. For example, you can edit the price, size and inventory status in Xena and it automatically transfers the new data to your web shop.

This really makes your work easier – you can do it all in one place!

See the Xena API documentation here.

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