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You are very welcome to contact our support team with any questions or problems regarding Xena. All support material online is free.

We aim to make Xena easy to use without the need of a lot of explanation and time-consuming courses. For that, we value your feedback and therefore we provide some online support. We reserve the right not to provide support if anyone should abuse the personal support.


When is Xena Support open?

The Xena Support Team are ready to help between 9 A.M and 5 P.M. (GMT +1). We respond to every written inquires as fast as possible, but do not guarantee to respond right away or being available at specific times. This ONLY applies to personal support.

All systems and online support options like videos, Xenapedia articles and FAQs are always available.


What can you help me with?

We help you on how to use Xena. We do not advise you on how to do bookkeeping or run your business.

We can explain how Xena does bookkeeping, but we will not do it for you. We can explain how the features works, but we cannot do these things for you. If you need help on bookkeeping, invoicing or other practical things please contact an accountant office.


Can I get help on my screen?

We can answer most inquires without seeing your fiscal. However, sometimes it is necessary to see what you see to help you in best way. Then you need to invite one of our supporters. Invite a support member via Company > User memberships. In the section “User memberships”, click on “Invite support”.

When the support case is completed, you can remove the support member from your fiscal. But you don’t have to. It is free to have a support member invited in your fiscal.


Why is not standard that the support team can see my fiscal?

No one you haven’t invited should have access to your data. Therefore, we need an invitation from you. When you use the special support invitation, you can be sure that it is a real Xena Support Team member.


What can the support member see?

A support member has the same rights as an administrator. When you don’t need the support member anymore, you can remove him from your fiscal.

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