How can we help you?

Built-in support features

Getting started

Xena has a clever support feature built-in to assist you finding the help you need.

What is built-in support?

We have a lot of articles about Xena you can access whenever needed. Activate the built-in support tool by clicking the question mark in the top of the screen. Elements with help articles is highlighted.

Click an element and read the guide, directly in Xena.

Tip: If you want to open the help article in a new window, press CTRL when clicking a highlighted element.

We strive to design Xena to be easy to use, without the need for a long introduction. If you find it difficult to use, we have failed! We need your feedback to get better. You can write to our support team via the built-in chat feature in Xena.


When do we respond to support tickets?

We will answer your support ticket as quickly as we can within our office hours. The built-in support feature described above is always available.


With what can you help me?

We help you use our product – not in how to do bookkeeping or run your company. We can explain how to use Xena for bookkeeping, but we cannot do it for you. We can explain how the features are used, but not do your job for you.


Can you help online on my screen?

Most support tickets can be solved without us getting access to your data. Sometimes it is easier to see what you see in order to help you. In these cases we will call you.

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