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Getting started

Start instructions, tips and tricks.

Sign up and get started with Xena

This guide help you to create your personal user account and your company in Xena.

Getting started with the basic data

This guide helps you set up the basic information about yourself and your company in Xena.

Getting started with the first invoice

This guide will go through how to best get started with creating invoices

Getting Started with Bookkeeping and Accounting

This guide provides a basic overview of the preparations you can make before starting to manage your accounting in Xena.

Getting started with the project module

This guide will walk you through getting started with the Project module.

Getting started with EG Go

This guide walks you through step by step on how to get started using EG Go for time and material registration.

Export masterdata from Visual and import masterdata to Xena

If you want your master data from Visual to be imported into Xena, it is easy and straightforward.


In the archive, you can import data from your previous accounting system, making these available in Xena.


Searching in Xena works slightly differently depending on where you are searching.

Keyboard shortcuts and date fields

Use the keyboard and arrow keys for input in ledger lines and order lines. Also, learn how to quickly input dates.

Editing in Xena

How to view, edit and save in Xena.

Built-in support features

Xena has a built-in support feature to assist you finding the help you need.

Which browser is recommended for Xena?

Xena is an app that runs in your web browser. Follow these recommendations for the best experience.

Open an exported CSV file from Xena with Excel

In many places in Xena, you can extract data to a CSV file. Follow this guide to bring the data into Excel without it being automatically formatted.

Clear cookies and other website data

To enhance your experience with Xena, it can be beneficial to periodically clear your cookies and other website data.

Get support

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support via chat or email. All support materials on our website are completely free of charge.