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Getting started

Start instructions, tips and tricks.

Sign up and get started with Xena

This guide help you to create your personal user account and your company in Xena.

Basic information in the fiscal

This guide will walk you through the basic information and editing in Xena.

Your first invoice

This guide shows you best practice on creating and sending invoices.

Bookkeeping and accounting

The guide walks through the basics of bookkeeping in Xena.


The Archive in Xena enables you to import data from your old system, gathering all your data in one place.

Search and create

SearchSearch and create data in Xenaing and creating data are uniquely tied together in Xena.

Edit data

How to view, edit and save data in Xena.

Built-in support features

Xena has a clever support feature built-in to assist you finding the help you need.

Get support

You are very welcome to contact our support team with any questions or problems regarding Xena. All support material online is free.