Your first invoice

Getting started

This guide shows you best practice on creating and sending invoices.

After creating a new fiscal, only some basic data is needed to be ready for creating orders and invoices. Here are a few things to know also.


Categorizing sales with article groups

It is a very good idea to know how you want to categorize your sales before making invoices. If you sell “work” along with “materials”, it is beneficial to categorize you sales with article groups. It enables you to see how much work you sell compared to materials used.

It is easy to make the article groups you need (Setup > Article setup). Later, you cat setup what ledger tags they should go.

Now you can create articles (Sales > Articles > Create article). An article is anything you can sell – workhours, physical items or licenses. Everything have an article number for easy entering.


Your first invoice

In Xena, an invoice is made from an order. An order contains the customer who is paying and order lines with the articles.

An order can become many things. It can start as an offer. When the offer is accepted you can get an order confirmation. Then, after the job is done you send the invoice from the order.

Step 1: Go to Sales > Order > Create order. In the dialog, choose “Sales order” and click “Create”.

Now you have a new order. First, fill in the partner who is the customer. You may not have any customers in the fiscal yet, but just go ahead at type in the information.

A dialog pops up with suggestions for who you are looking for. Pick from the list, if Xena already knows the person or company. Otherwise, fill in the data manually.

Step 2: Time for putting articles on the order. You can type whatever you want in article text, quantity and price. The best thing, though, is to create articles. This can be done along the way. Click the plus icon in the order line and a dialog will help you create an article.

Step 3: When the order is complete, you can print or email it as an offer, order confirmation, invoice, credit note and more.

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