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Xena helps you keep track of the offers history. Share offers with partners. No more uncertainty on what was agreed.

How to create an offer

For how to design the final print of the offer (a PDF file), please see “Reports”. An offer is similar to an invoice with logo and colors.

An offer starts out as an order. Go to Sales > Order > Create order. In the popup, choose “Sales” as order type and click “Create”. Now you have an empty order from where you can create your offer.

Choose a partner (customer) and articles that makes up the offer.

Now, to send the offer, open the context menu in the order head and click “Create offer”. In the popup, you can choose to send the offer via email or print it to sending it yourself.

Every time an offer is printed or sent, a recorded is logged on the partner. Also, a PDF with the offer is saved in Xena. (Notice the link to the offer followed by the order number.) The offer has the order number as the offer number followed by a version number.

If more offers are made in the same order, every offers get a new version number. An offer is an open order, so you can continue modifying it. When the final invoice is processed or the order deleted, it will no longer appear in the offers list. If your offer contains articles with stock count and you want to hold them, create a delivery notice.


Offer list

Go to Sale > Order > Order overview. Open the tab “Offer list”. Here you see a list of the newest offers on every order.

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