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Adjust logo and colors for prints


Choose between a set of standard layouts for invoices, offers, confirmations and reports, you can print or save as PDFs. Adjust colors and paste your own logo to match your brand.

Xena give you the option to use standard layouts and just adjust logo and colors. Or you can design your own custom layouts.


How to use your own logo on invoices

It is easy to adjust the prints in Xena to match your brand. Just upload your logo (e.g. JPG or PNG format) to the Company profile and it will automatically be pasted on invoices and other prints.

Here you can upload your company logo:

  • Go to Company > Company profile > Basic information
  • Or, go to Settings > Reports

In the Repots settings, you can also adjust colors for fonts and borders to match your brand. Logo and color settings are applied to all prints/reports.

To adjust the colors, simply click on the color code you want to change. Enter your color code or pick from the palette and click OK to confirm.


Standard reports

We have different standard reports (or layouts) to choose from. Please refer to the article Change standard reports for more information. This is where you can override the Xena standards and use your own custom layouts.


Advanced options

We also provide you the option to completely design your own reports. It is a bit more advanced. On the other hand, you can do almost anything:

  • Make your own design
  • Make reports in languages we don't support yet
  • More graphical elements
  • Additional content
  • Adaption to preprinted paper

LEARN MORE: Extra text on invoices.

To make your own reports, go to Settings > Prints and click the "Create" button under "Customer reports". Add a descriptive name, set the type of report you are creating and select the language of the report.

Now the new report is ready for your layout. To edit it, please download and edit the XSL code. An XSLT report consists of two things: XML data (provided by Xena) and an XSL file with the design/layout. You can find both free and paid tools online to create XSL files.

You can edit the XSL in the editor in Xena and see a preview of the result. This way, you can edit labels and translate to another language. Beneath the editor, you can upload your own complete XSL file.

If you need a special design for your reports or invoices but the above method is too complicated, please contact our Support. We can direct you to partners ready to help.

We can also provide you our standard layouts for inspiration or as a starting point to small adaptations.

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