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Create and send invoices as PDF or electronic invoicing. Follow up on unpaid invoices.

Invoicing in Xena

Here we explain the different ways you can create invoices in Xena.

Create Credit note

You can create a credit note to offset an invoice with just a few clicks.

Customize prints with a logo, color, etc.

Tailor your prints in Xena to your needs

Electronic Invoicing

Electronic invoicing, also known as e-invoicing, EHF invoicing, EAN invoicing, GLN invoicing, OIO invoicing, has many names. Xena supports most forms of electronic invoicing.

Invoicing on account

When invoicing a task in Xena, you can use the posted costs as the basis for creating the invoice.

Mass invoice of sales- and purchase orders.

Mass invoicing in Xena is a convenient way to handle and invoice your orders quickly and efficiently.

Pay on account including final invoicing

If a fixed price has been agreed upon for a customer task that you wish to invoice progressively, you can follow this guide that describes the process from the first pay on account invoice to the final invoice.

Partial delivery and partial invoicing

In some cases, it may be necessary to deliver or invoice part of an order at a time. Xena allows you to handle partial delivery and partial invoicing for both sales and purchase orders.

Delivery Addresses

In Xena, you can add multiple delivery addresses to a partner (customer or supplier). Here's how it works.

Text on invoices

You can use snippets to quickly add standard texts to your tasks. Additionally, you can create a fixed text for your invoices.