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Delivery address


You can set multiple delivery addresses for a partner (customer or supplier).

Delivery address on an order

If the delivery address is different from the invoice address, you can change it in the tab “Delivery”. Uncheck the field “Same as invoice address”. Now you can type in the delivery address.

This address will be visible on offers, order confirmations, invoices and delivery notices.

When you type in the new delivery address, as described above, the address will only be saved for that specific order. You can also store multiple delivery addresses on a partner and use them in future orders.

Save the new delivery address: After typing a delivery address, click the plus icon in the first field. The new delivery address is saved with the partner.


Maintain delivery addresses for a partner

In the partner details view, in the box “Contact” you can add, update and delete addresses in the tab “Delivery address”. To add a new address, simply click “Add delivery address”.

Now a popup comes up. Type the delivery address information.

If the delivery address normally is different from the invoice address, check the option “Standard” in the bottom of the popup. If a delivery address is set to “standard”, it is automatically set on an order for that partner. You can always change it on the order.

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