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Custom text on invoices


You can easily add custom texts to invoices and other prints from Xena. It can be anything, like “Thank you for shopping with us” or “Remember we have a new bank account number”.

To add a custom text to e.g. an invoice, you must create a custom report:

  1. Go to Setup > Reports.
  2. Click the button “Create” in the box "Reports".
  3. In the “Create report layout” dialog, fill in a report name (like “Our invoice”) and pick the group “Invoice”.

LEARN MORE: Edit your reports to match your company.

Please note that choosing the language of the new report not necessarily changes the texts to that language. It only help selecting reports that match the partners' language settings.


How to insert custom texts

Now we are ready to add your custom text. In the box “Extra information”, you can see that a text string is already created, ready to use. Switch to edit mode. Now you can add your text in the column “Default value”, next to "extra_invoice_text". In the preview, you can see a how it looks.

You can add additional strings, e.g. a slogan.

To paste this new string on the invoice, go to the XSL code of the invoice. Use the following code snippet (replace [string key] with the name of the string):

   <xfd:field xpath="/Report/Extras/[string key]"/>

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