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Credit note


You can cancel an invoice by using credit notes.

If you made a mistake or the customer do not want the product anyway, you can make a credit note. An invoice cannot be edited when bookkept. To cancel it, you need to make a credit note.


Create a credit note

Every order with a negative value will be treated as a credit note.

To cancel an invoice, go to the order and open the menu. Choose “Credit note”. Another option is to find the invoice in the details view of the partner in question. Under the tab “Invoices”, find the invoice you want to cancel, open the menu and choose “Credit note”.

A dialog helps you creating the credit note. Pick the invoices you want to cancel. Choose if you want to send the credit note as email or print it.

The screenshot below shows the result in our example. First “task” is the original order with invoice (100017). Next, we have a task that is the credit note (100018). This way, you have no doubt that the order is reversed and levels out. Also, you have a complete audit trail of what has happened.


Copy to new order

If you made a mistake in the original order and have to make a new one, use the copy feature. Open the menu in the order head and choose “Copy”. Now you have an exact copy of the original order. Delete the credit note task and modify the order to be correct. Now you can make a new invoice with the correct content.


Manual credit note or partly crediting

You can create a credit note on only parts of an invoice. Create a new order or just a new task on the existing order. Enter the articles with a negative quantity. Any invoice with a negative amount will be a credit note.

We recommend though crediting the whole invoice and making a new order that is correct. This way, your invoices matches 100 % with the payments you receive. You decide.


Remember, if you use stock management

If the order contains articles that went out of your stock, you must decide whether to take them back in. After making a credit note you must make a “delivery” to take back articles.

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