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Order status


No matter what type of business you run, the order flow and workflow is crucial for efficiency and quality. Xena gives you an efficient tool to handle order status to ensure overview.

The idea behind Xena’s order status

“Order status” in Xena is a visual view of all open orders. All orders starts in the left column and moves towards the right when going through the work process. When the order is complete is it not shown anymore in this overview.

Order status is setup by every user. Thus, the packaging department can view other columns than the sales department. But, everyone can see the orders coming up and pass them on in the process.

All employees can inform the customer about the order status. No need to shout into the packaging room…

Every column should be a task that are to be done; “To pack”, “Call to”, “Working on” or something alike. To have a status column of something that are completed (like “Packed”) really gives no sense… Then who should do something? Instead, make sure that every status tells you, what are to be done.


Manually, but efficient

The current version of order status in Xena is manual. You set a new status directly on the order, or (on desktop) by grapping and dragging an order from one column to the next.

In the next version, rules can be created to what actions should trigger a new status, and actions that triggers at a certain status.


How to activate order status

The order status view is available in two places:

  1. For sales orders: Go to Sales > Status overview.
  2. For buying orders: Go to Stock > Status overview.


As long as no status types have been created, the view looks like this:

Click the “Create standard” button.

Now you have the standard order status types from Xena. All are shown, except completed orders (“Invoiced”).

If you want to change colors, texts or create new statuses, click on "Status" (the dropdown menu) and choose "Order setup".

Every user can choose what columns he want to see, by checking them in the Status dropdown menu.


Using order status

All new orders are automatically assigned the first available status (by standard “Created”). Orders existing before activating order status have no status. To give them a status, open every order and assign the fitting status.

In this example, “Doing” was chosen as the status. Now it visible in Sales > Status overview:

A new status can be set by dragging and dropping the order to another column (only on desktop), or by opening the options menu (the three lines) and setting another status.

You can jump to the order or the partner by clicking the order number or partner name.

If you are also using inventory status, a little colored dot will tell you deliverability status. By placing the cursor on the dot, an explanation will tell you what every color means.

By clicking the down arrow on an order, you will get a quick view of the content of the order.


Order status in order lists

The order status are also visible in order lists. Place the cursor on the colored dot in the end of the row, to see what status the color represents.

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