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Tasks on an order

An order can consist of multiple tasks. Here are the unique possibilities it offers.


Why use tasks

Dividing orders: By dividing an order into tasks, you can create larger invoices that are still clear and easier to read.

Separate invoices: Each task can be invoiced individually, so one order can result in multiple invoices. This is convenient for larger projects or additional orders from the same customer.

Credit notes: Tasks also enable the creation of credit notes for the same order. You no longer need to be uncertain about whether an invoice has been credited or not.


The significance of tasks in connection with stock management

Tasks play an important role if you use stock management. Both purchases and sales may require partial deliveries and/or partial invoicing. Remaining articles are automatically moved to a new task. This applies to both purchase and sales orders. See Partial Delivery and Partial Invoicing.

Note: Be aware that any adjustments to stock values are only finalized when the last task on the order has both been invoiced and delivered.



How to use tasks

All tasks have the same number as the order but with an added sequence number.

  1. Press 'Create new task' to add more tasks to an order
  2. Edit a task by pressing the pencil icon or double-clicking the task
  3. Enter a description, which will be the heading for the task
  4. Optionally enter a note that provides additional description of the task
  5. These details are printed on offers, invoices, etc.

You also have the option to create Snippets, which are predefined texts that you can use as needed.

Both the description and the note are printed on the invoice.

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If you create an offer for a task or post a delivery or an invoice, the documents are automatically linked to the task.

When an invoice is settled, links to the settled items are also added to the task. If you settle multiple invoices simultaneously with a payment, links to all the settled items are created. This means that if a payment covers 10 invoices, 10 links will be added to the task - one line for each invoice settled together.



Menu for tasks

Via the menu (three dots) on a task, you can find additional functions:

  • You can copy a task to reuse the heading, notes, and invoice lines
  • You can delete all lines on a task at once (cannot be undone)
  • Create a subscription or print a job card from the menu

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Create Task Statuses

You can choose a task status for each task. This is particularly important if you use mobile time registration via the EG Go app. Employees can change task statuses, for example, when they report that a task is completed. You can also configure which task statuses employees can see.

Read more: Setting up EG Go.


You can create your own task statuses or edit existing ones:

  1. Go to the menu Setup > Order Setup and select the tab 'Task Status'
  2. If the list is empty, you can create standards via the link 'Create standard task status'
  3. You can create your own by pressing the 'Create' button
  4. A task status should have a name, an index for sorting order, and a color code.

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