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Tasks in an order


An order can consists of multiple tasks. Here we explain the unique possibilities with tasks.

Advantages of using tasks

An order can be divided in tasks, each with its sum. This way you can have a quite big invoice still it’s easy to overview. Every task can be invoiced separately resulting in one order becomes many invoices. This is practical when dealing with large projects. The complete invoice can be partial delivered or invoiced.

Another advantage of using tasks: Any credit note will be made in the same order. No need to worry about if an order has been credited or not. The credit note is mentioned where you need it: On the same order as the invoice.


How to use tasks

New tasks for an order are created by clicking the button “Create new task”. Every task can have its own title and description.

To edit the task’s titles or description, click the edit mode button or double-click on the title.

A task can be converted to a subscription. Open the options menu and choose “Create subscription”.


The use of tasks when stock count enabled

Tasks has an important role when using stock count in Xena. Both buying and sales orders can have partial delivery. The part of the order not delivered yet will automatically get its own task.

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