Partners – customers and suppliers

In Xena, customers, suppliers, debtors, creditors and employees are your “partners”.

Your customers and suppliers are your “partners” in Xena. A customer can often also be a supplier. All your employees are also “partners” in Xena.


Invite your partners to get the best of Xena

You can invite your partners to join Xena. Your partner can maintain his own data and see all his invoices, subscriptions and documents you share. He can also pay invoices online.


Add a partner

Most companies information are already available in Xena. You can add a partner whenever you need – directly from an order, when bookkeeping or from the menu (go to Sales > Partner > Create partner).

Type the name and Xena will give suggestions for who you might be looking for. Choose the right suggestion or type the information manually.

The picture shows the creation of a partner in Xena

All your partners are visible on a list (go to Sales/Purchase > Partner > Partner overview).

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