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Price module


In Xena you can control agreements on discounts, fixed prices, time specific campaigns and prices based on quantity. And you can do it in multiple currencies. All have acces to Xena’s price module. Both for buying and selling.

The need for a price module

When creating an article in Xena you specify what you pay for the product and what you want to sell it for. But sometimes that aren’t enough. Maybe, the article you buy has…

  • Different prices (and article numbers) at your different suppliers.
  • Different prices depending on quantity.
  • Different prices depending when you buy it.
  • Different prices depending on the currency you use.

We can add the same parameters when you want to sell the article. Maybe you would like to set…

  • discount agreement for certain customers or customer groups.
  • fixed price for certain customers.
  • A special price in campaign periods.
  • Another price per item when ordering a larger quantity.
  • A fixed price in different currencies, like DKK, NOK and EUR.

The article price become a complex thing when combining all these wishes. But not in Xena! Xena has a system: On the customer, you can manage agreements on prices for specific articles. When viewing an article, you can see the agreements partners have, or the different price groups.


How to use the price module

In the articles section you can set buying and selling prices for products. On an article, click on the price to edit it. The prices are also viewed in the tabs “Sales prices” and “Purchasing prices”.

When clicking on a price you get to the price agreement. Here, you can edit price, currency and unit.

On a price agreement, you can also set volume prices. Click on “Create volume price” and set the unit price at a minimum quantity.

For example, the Sales prices could be 100 EUR per unit when selling 1-5 units. 90 EUR when selling 6-11 units and only 80 EUR when selling 12 or more.


Creating multiple price agreements

In the tabs “Sales prices” and “Purchasing prices”, you can create additional price agreements. That allows for a standard price and campaign prices, which could be active for a special campaign month.

In October, for example, an article could cost only 90 EUR at 1-5 units, 80 EUR at 6-11 units and 70 EUR at 12 or more units. In the same way, agreements can be created for different currencies.


Price groups

On a partner (customer or supplier), agreements on discounts and special prices can be created for specific articles. You can do it for every partner or by price groups that multiple partners can be assigned.

In this screenshot, a special price is set for a specific partner.

The other option is to assign the partner to a price group. Go to Setup > Partner setup and choose the tab “Price groups”. Click “Create” to setup a new price group. From a partner, in the tab “Customer”, you can assign the price group.

In the screenshot below, the price group “Super client” has been assigned. It gives all partners assigned a discount of 10 % on articles from the article group “Testere” and a 15 % discount on “Software”.

Click on the price group name to access the details. Here you can maintain the agreement and see what partners are assigned to this.


Supplier prices

For partners who are suppliers, you can set price agreements that reflects the partners own article number and the price in different currencies, quantities and periods.

In the following two screenshots, we see an article with two suppliers with their prices and article numbers.

And sales prices depending on who and when we sell.

The correct price and discount will be on the final order, depending on the partner, period, currency and quantity.

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