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Bookkeeping and accounting

Getting started

The guide walks through the basics of bookkeeping in Xena.

Invoice and other number series

You cannot change the number series for invoices in Xena. It is not really necessary and makes it easier to see when you shifted to Xena. Other number series are likewise controlled by the system.

The only number series you can choose is for vouchers. This is determent for each user (see below). The series starts with 1.

The ledger entries has its own series, starting at 1000. If you have multiple ledger entries, each will have its own voucher number series.


The ledger tag groups

Go to Ledger > Account overview > Account overview. The ledger tags is partly automatic, based on the article groups. A new ledger tag in the Nett turn over account, really is an article group. These article groups/ledger tags are also present in the accounts “Product consumption” and “Stock” in the Assets group. This gives you 100 % connection between purchase, sales and stock. Xena takes care of bookkeeping this correct, based on purchase orders, sales order and articles with or without stock management.

You can create the ledger lags you need when you need them or when setting an opening balance.


Omnibus accounts, capital and tax accounts

In Xena you do not need to create omnibus accounts for debtors and creditors – they are already there!

Tax accounts are also created automatically together with a tax code.

Account for capital is created automatically on basis of an opening balance. Accounts for “Other capital” must be created manually.


Create other ledger tags

Ledger tags can be created in a number of ways. For example in account overview, as explained above, or while bookkeeping.

In all the fields where you can search for ledger tags, you can just type the name of a new tag like “Phone”. Xena will suggest creating that ledger tag.

The screenshot below shows the dialog for creating a new ledger tag. If you click on a number in the “suggestions” section, a tag is created with these suggestions. Otherwise, you can type the specifications you want. Remember to choose the right ledger group.


The opening balance

An opening balance for ledger tags (income, assets and liabilities), debtors, creditors and stock articles can be set in Ledger > Primo postings. Choose the first fiscal period and here you can set the opening numbers.


Daily bookkeeping

Your bookkeeping is done in Ledger > Ledger entry or in Ledger > Voucher registration.


Share your fiscal with an accountant

It is free to share your fiscal with an accountant. You do it by inviting the accountant as a user (Company > User memberships).

Then the accountant can see and download the reports and files necessary to review the fiscal. Xena also integrates with the accountant software CaseWare, making it possible for the accountant to pull postings with documentation via a link in CaseWare.

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