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Basic information in the fiscal

Getting started

This guide will walk you through the basic information and editing in Xena.

Running setup

Xena is made with the goal to require very little configuration to get started. In matter of minutes, you can come from zero to send your first invoice. Creating customers, suppliers, ledger tags etc. can be done on the go, when you need them. Xena will help you get what you are searching, by suggesting the best matching account or partner.

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Edit in Xena

You shift to edit mode by tabbing the edit icon or double-clicking a field. Xena save the values automatically. To go back to viewing mode, click the eye icon.

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Edit personal settings

In “My profile” you can edit your username, password and language, plus other things. You can have Xena in English, Danish, French, German, Norwegian, Spanish or Swedish. Tab the menu icon on a box to access these extra features.

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Edit company information

The basic information of your company – address, phone number, bank, logo, etc. – is added to prints and reports from Xena. Go to Company > Business profile, the box “Basic data”.

Other items in the Company menu contains information about your Xena subscription, users, employees and more. Please search in Xenapedia for more information about these.

This is the only information required from you to get started with Xena. Of cause, there are more thing that are good to know. Please see the next guide.

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