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vCard – your business card in Xena

What is a “vCard” and how does it work in Xena?

There are three types of vCards (or business cards) in Xena:

  1. Your personal vCard, representing you as an individual.
  2. Your fiscal has a vCard.
  3. You can have an employee vCard, showing your role in the company.


Your personal vCard

Click on your name in the top right corner and choose “My profile”.

Here you can edit the information about yourself in Xena. The reason for doing this, it makes it easier for others who want to find you and invite you to their fiscal. The key to do this is your personal email address.

If you are trading with a company also using Xena, you can see your balance with this company if they add you as a “partner”.

When you edit your personal information a notification are shown where your vCard is connected – as user (employee or advisor) or as partner in other fiscals. Those have the option to accept your revised information.


The fiscals' vCard

This card is shown to costumers and suppliers. If you invite a partner or use online paying, the fiscal vCard is displayed.

Edit in Company > Business profile.

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