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User account

Personal settings and the different user roles.

Language and personal settings

Your personal settings follows you as a user, not fiscal setups. You can set language, change password and make additional usernames.

Password and Security

Your password is a central part of the security in Xena. Therefore, it's crucial to choose a strong password.

Alias name and email

You can create your own username as an alias so that you don't have to enter your full email address during login.

Sender email address

When you send emails from Xena, your company name will always appear as the sender, but the sender's email address will be

Google and Facebook login

If you have a Google or Facebook account, you can use it to log in to Xena

Color theme

If you have access to multiple fiscals, you can benefit from the color themes in Xena.

vCard - Your business card in Xena

Learn what a vCard is and how it is used in Xena.