Sender email address

When you send something from Xena, like offers or invoices, your user’s email address is used as sender address. This guide show how to change that.

Why change the sender email address?

You could change the sender email address if you want a specific email in a particular company. The email available as sender addresses are the ones related to your user account. (Please refer the article about user name aliases; that explains how to add more emails to your account.)

If you have more than one fiscal and want different sender email addresses from each, this is a necessary step.


Set sender email address

By default, your user account email address is used as sender address. If you want to change the sender email address in a particular fiscal, please follow this guide:

Go to “Company” > “Users”.

Click on your user account in the box entitles “Users”. This is you (as a partner) in the current fiscal.


As an employee in the company, you are a “partner” in the fiscal. In this view, you can modify your vCard (virtual contact card) and other things about you in this fiscal/company. Also, sender email address.


As highlighted in image above, go to the box “Settings”. Click the tap “Employee” and shift to edit mode (the pencil icon).

The first field is what email should be your sender email address. To see any additional email addresses here, they first need to be created as an alias. Now shift back to read mode and you are done.