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Alias name and email

This guide explains how to setup alias user names and additional email addresses.

Why use aliases?

  • If you don’t want to type your email address when logging in, you can use an alias.
  • You can add email addresses that can be used as sender addresses in different fiscals.


Setup your alias

Open the user menu in the top right corner and choose “My profile”.

Here you have the box entitled “Additional user names (aliases)”. Click on “Add” and the “Add alias” popup comes up.

In “Type”, choose if you are adding an alias or an email address. Fill out the text field and click “Create”.

If you add a user name alias, you can use it right away when logging into Xena.

If you add an email address, it has to verified. A verification email is sent to the address. When you have confirmed that you have access to that email account, it is linked to your Xena user account. It can now be used for logging in and as sender email address.

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