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Language and personal settings

Your personal settings follows you as a user, not fiscal setups. You can set language, change password and make additional usernames.

This article describes the settings available under “My profile”:

  • Personal data
  • Language
  • Personal vCard
  • Usernames
  • Password
  • One Time Password


Your personal Xena user account

When you sign up for Xena, you are creating your personal user account. That is you as a private person. Like when creating a user account on Facebook, LinkedIn or Skype.

After you created your user account, you can start thinking about the fiscal setups needed.


Fiscal setups

In Xena, you can create your own fiscal. You can invite other Xena users (employees or advisors) to see and interact your fiscal.

Also you can be added to others fiscals with a specific role.


My Xena

You control how your Xena should look. You can control language; whether you want simple views or debit/credit columns; usernames and passwords. All this can be set in your profile. Go to “My profile” in the dropdown menu at the top right corner.


Language and personal data

Besides entering your name and address (only visible to you), you can set your language in the section “Personal data”. For example, you could live in Spain but prefer Xena in English.


Personal settings

You can set whether you want Xena to show accounting data with technical accounting terms (debit/credit) or simplified (+ / -). The simplified view switch plus and minus signs to provide a more logical view.


Personal vCard

This is the data other Xena users/companies can see about you in Xena. More details are explained in the article about vCards.


Additional usernames (alias)

You can add extra usernames (aliases) to your user account and use these to sign in. For example, if your user account was created with "" and you add “Peter” and your other email address "" as aliases, you can use any of these three to sign in.

When adding an additional email address as alias, an email will be sent to it in order to confirm it belongs to you.

Creating additional usernames for your personal user account is NOT the same as adding users! If you share your personal login credentials that person will have unlimited access your personal, private data. A user account can only be used one place at a time.


Change password and merge user accounts

In the options menu for “Personal data” you'll find the option to change password and to merge two user accounts into one. That last option demands for you to know the username and password of the user account you want to merge with your current account.


Extra security with 2-step verification

This feature adds an extra level of security by sending you One Time Passwords on your mobile phone every time signing in to Xena.

Click the “Activate OTP” button in the “One Time Password” box. Have your mobile phone ready. Enter your phone number including country code (45, if it is a Danish phone number), but without leading “00” or space. E.g. 45xxxxxxxx

Click “Request confirmation code”. Now a 6-diget code is sent to your mobile phone. Enter the code in the confirmation code field.

Now click “Activate OTP” and you are done.

When this 2-step verification is activated, it is only possible to sign in to Xena if you can also enter the One Time Password sent to your phone when you login. The SMS is instant so the complete sign in process only takes a few seconds more.