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Access and security

Your password if an important element of the security in Xena. It is important to choose a secure password.

When using Xena, your password must meet these requirements:

  • Minimum six characters.
  • At least one letter and one figure.
  • At least one uppercase letter.
  • No special characters.
  • May not contain the same character four times in a row.
  • May not start nor end with space.

Allowed special characters are: { } ! # " $ ’ % ^ & , * ( ) _ + - = : ; ? . and @.

The system helps you make a password that meet these requirements, when you create your user account.

The more complex your password are, the more secure it is. You can make your password more complex by…

  • Choosing a password with eight characters or more.
  • Choosing a password containing one or more of the allowed special characters.
  • Making sure your password does not contain something that relates to you (like family names).

On the other hand, you should be able to remember your password. Don’t write it down!


Unique security in Xena with 2-step verification

You can activate 2-step verification in Xena, called "One Time Password". This adds dramatically to the security of your data! When logging in to Xena and typing your password, a 6-digit code is send to you by SMS. After you also entered that code, you are logged in. Learn more about this feature in the article about personal settings.

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