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This guide help you to create your personal user account and your company in Xena.

Create a user and a fiscal

First, you must create your personal user account. Enter your email address on this site, then we send an email to you. The email guides you to the next step.

If you don’t get the email right away, please check in your spam folder. If you use Gmail, our emails will often be in the “Promotions” inbox. This is a screenshot of the email. Click the button, when you get it.


Complete the wizard

This startup wizard helps you setup your company and your personal account.

If you want to create a fiscal for your company, fill out the form in step 2 in the wizard. Otherwise, click “Skip” for now.

Step 3 is your personal information, like name, address and language.

In step 4, you choose a password for your account.

Now you are ready to log in.


Your first log in

You are now redirected to Xena. Here you see your new fiscal. This overview contains graphs for revenue, expenses and results during the year. Before you can generate income, you must add some basic data. (Please see the next guide)


“My Xena”

Access your personal information by clicking your name in the top right corner and select “My profile”. In “My desktop” you can see your fiscals or pay bills from other partners in Xena. Click the edit icon to edit data.

LEARN MORE: Edit data in Xena.



In the fiscals menu, top left corner, you can choose what fiscal to work in. From here, you can create new fiscals.

The main menu, in the left side of the screen, makes it easy to navigate in Xena. Some things, like "Orders", appears many places. This is because the menu is created with context in mind. If you are a sales person, most likely you will have all you need in the Sales menu.


User account vs. Fiscal

The fiscal and your user account is not the same thing. “My profile” is you as a person. You can have access to multiple fiscals. In the startup wizard (see above), you created both your own personal user account and your first fiscal.


Terms in Xena

Users: You and other persons, who have access to the fiscal.

Company: Most often the same as the fiscal. A user can access many companies/fiscals.

Partners: Your customers and suppliers.

Article groups: Determents how to categorize sales, purchases and stock.

Articles: Everything you sell or buy, being physical items, services or licenses.

Orders: An order is the basis for selling and purchasing, offers, order confirmations and invoices.

Employees: Workers in your company or an external resource like a bookkeeper or auditor.

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