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Merge article groups


Article groups are important for your fiscal's ledger. If you have too many or create one by mistake, you can merge two article groups.

An article group can't be deleted or renamed when it has articles or postings. But you can merge it with another group. If you have created a group with a wrong name, you can create a new group with the correct description and then merge the two groups. 

Another situation could be to merge related article groups, to keep the ledger simpler.


Overview of article groups

Your article groups are listed here: Settings > Article settings > Article groups. They are also visible in the ledger, under Finance > Ledger (e.g. see the "Costs" group).


Merge article groups

Let's say we have two article groups we want to merge: "Materials" and "Stuff". We want to keep the "Materials" group.

  1. Go to Settings > Article settings > Article groups.
  2. Click on the article group you want to keep (in this case "Materials").
  3. In the details view, open the menu and choose "Merge article group".
  4. A dialog opens. Select the article group you want merged with current one (in this case "Stuff").
  5. Click the button "Merge".


Review the merging

Go to Finance > Ledger and expand the group "Costs". The old article group is now gone. Same thing in Settings > Article settings > Article groups.

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