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Copy order


Make a copy of an order in Xena. It saves you a lot of time!

In many situations, it can be an advantage to copy an existing order. For example, you may be sending similar invoices to multiple customers. If you create an order with all the data, you can use this as a template for the next order and thereby save time.

If you need to withdraw an invoice, you can make credit nota for the whole invoice, make a copy of the order and modify this new order to just what you need – without typing all over again.

Finally, you can copy a buying order to be a sales order and vice versa. Very useful in drop shipment.


How to copy an order

  1. Go to Sales > Orders > Create order, or go to an existing order to copy it.
  2. When the order has partner, articles and texts you can copy it and get all these data to a new order, no matter it has been invoiced. Go the menu in the order head and click “Copy to new order (sales/purchase)”.
  3. Choose if the new order should be a sales order or buying order. Then click “Create”.

Remember: When using the copy function, you will be redirected to the newly created order. This order is open and you can modify it.

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