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Assign orders to a responsible


If many people creates and do orders, the “responsible” feature will suit you. Assigned orders are easier to find.

Offers, sales invoicing, buying or delivering all happens in Xena from an "order". The order status feature ensures a certain flow is followed.

By assigning orders, you can better keep track of your own offers, order confirmations, delivering, etc.

When creating an order (Sales > Order > Create order) you can set who is "responsible" for the order. You can change it later.



Now, viewing the list of orders (Sales > Order > Order overview) you can filter them by who is responsible. Just type the name in the "responsible" field and hit enter.

Same thing in order status (Sales > Order > Status overview); choose a responsible to see just his or her orders.


Set who can be responsible

In the user settings (Company > User memberships), click on a user. In the box "Setup", choose the tab "Resource". If the "Show in order" setting is set to true, this user can be responsible for an order.

As always, click on the pencil (or double-click in the box) to edit the settings.

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