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Project and calendar

Create projects, schedule work in the calendar, register order costs, and print reports.

How to get started with projects

This guide will help you get started with using the project module effectively.

Cost types and Cost type groups

All expenses you register on your orders in Xena must have a cost type. Learn more about Cost types and Cost type groups here.

Creating a Project

If you need to consolidate multiple sales orders and have an overall financial overview, the project module in Xena is just what you need.

Associate orders to a project or vice versa

It is possible to associate orders to projects or projects to orders. This allows for a comprehensive overview of the entire task if a customer project becomes more extensive than initially anticipated.

Project status overview

The project status overview provides you with a very good overview of your projects.

Setting up rules for approval of expenses

If you want to have expenses approved in different ways in your fiscal, here are the options available for setting this up in Xena.

Cost registration for orders

In the 'Cost registration' menu, you can register both product consumption and hourly consumption.

Approval of hours

All time registrations on orders must be approved, either by the order responsible or an administrator.

Search for order costs

Learn how to search for order costs, either through the order or via the voucher.

Move cost/document to another order

If you've mistakenly recorded a cost under the wrong task, don't worry – you can relocate or edit it. This guide also covers how to manage associated documents.

Project Invoicing

An easy way to invoice on a project basis, whether it is a regular invoice or a pay-on-account invoice you want to send.

Project reports

If you use our Project module, you have access to reports related to the Project app.

Budget on orders/projects

On sales orders and projects, you can create budgets categorized by cost types. These budgets are used for generating statistics and reports.

Calendar setup

Integrated with the project module and mobile time registration, the calendar can be used to schedule tasks/absences for employees and teams.

Planning tasks in calendar

With access to the Calendar in Xena, you can schedule tasks for your employees or teams

Planning tasks for teams

Team tasks are assigned to groups of employees instead of individuals or fixed time slots.

Integration with EG TraceTool

If you use EG TraceTool, with this integration you can transfer your tool and equipment handouts to orders in Xena.

Import to Cost Registration

You can import costs to your sales orders using a CSV file, for example, from EG Construction Site.

Receipts for time registrations

With this feature enabled, your employees receive a receipt for their digital time registrations before they are approved.