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Employees in the company


This guide show how you as an employee have different rights and options in the fiscals you can access.

When signing in to Xena you will see “your desktop”. This is a list of the fiscal you have access to. You can also create new fiscals from here.

On your “desktop”, choose what fiscal you want to work in. As a user, you can have access to many fiscals and have different roles in them. In this guide, we will cover where these roles are set for every fiscal and what options you have as a user.

In the example below we are working in “U. Kendt AS” and click on is to move on.

To view all employees in the company, go to Company > User memberships. Click on your email to get to your own partner account for this fiscal. All employees are “partners” in a Xena fiscal.

This partner account represents you as an employee in this company. Under the tab “Resource”, in the box “Setup” you have some options. Switch to edit mode to change the settings. Depending on your role, you can change some of these options:

  • Sender email address: The email address you will send from in Xena.
  • Alias: Your nickname in this fiscal.
  • Ledger: The ledger you must use. If needed, evert user can have his own ledger account.
  • API key: This is used for app integrations. Typically this will be used on a virtual user account, like for a webshop.
  • Finance bookkeeping: Determents if the user have access to bookkeep. Only the administrator can set this.
  • Show in order: Determents if the user can be assigned orders.
  • Show in finance: Determents if your inbox should be visible in voucher registration.
  • Show in scheduling: Determents if your account should be visible in the company calendar in Xena.
  • Xena inbox: The email address you can send your vouchers to.
  • Default warehouse: You can choose a standard warehouse if you are using stock management.
  • Theme: Here you can change the color theme for your view of the fiscal.

Last option is your role. Click here to change your (or others) role in the fiscal. You can choose between accountant, admin, bank, bookkeeper and sales assistant. Only the administrator can use this feature.

If you are using Xena Free, you can only invite bank managers and accountants. To invite other types of users, you must upgrade to Xena Premium.

Now, we switch fiscal and go to “Tester AS”. In this, we have another role. The Xena inbox and sender email is also something else.

In our example, we go to Company > User memberships again and clicks on our own email address in the list.

In the box “Setup”, under the tab “Resource” we can see a big difference; we have fewer options. It is because in this fiscal, we have the role as “bookkeeper”. The options you cannot change yourself, the administrator can do for you.

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