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Employees in the company

This guide shows how you as an employee have different rights and options in the fiscals you have access to.

When you are logged into Xena, you can access 'My Dashboard' by clicking on the profile icon in the top right corner. Here, you will find an overview of the companies you have access to. You can have access to multiple companies and have different roles within them.

To open an accounting system, click on it from 'My Dashboard'.

To view all users in the accounting system, open the menu Setup > Company > User memberships.

  • Here you can invite new users to join your accounting system.
  • If you click on your own email address in the list, you will access your profile as a partner (employee) in this accounting file.

In the Setup section > Resource tab, you can view the employee settings. Depending on your permissions within the accounting system, you can modify these settings.


Below is a brief explanation of each setting:

End of employment: When an employee leaves the company, you enter the termination date in this field.

Sender email: The email address you will send from in Xena.

Work phone: Enter a work phone number. Please notice this will only be displayed here

AliasYour nickname in this fiscal.

Ledger: When the user posts documents from voucher registration, the voucher number from this draft is used.

API key: This is used for app integrations. Typically this will be used on a virtual user account, like for a webshop.

Finance bookkeeping: Determents if the user have access to bookkeep. Only the administrator can change this.

Show in order: Determents if this user can be assigned orders as responsible.

Show in finance: Determents if this user inbox should be visible in voucher registration.

Xena inbox: The email address for this user's inbox in Xena

Default warehouse: It can be filled out, but it is not currently being used.

Theme: The selected color theme for this accounting system, for this user

Indstillinger for en medarbejder i Xena


The last option is your role. Click here to change your (or others') role in the fiscal. Only the administrator can use this feature.

If you switch to another company through 'My Dashboard', you may have a different role there. It will also be a different inbox, a different sender email, etc.