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Accounting technical settings and your subscription.

Your Xena subscription

In the menu Setup > Company > Subscription menu, you have an overview of your current Xena subscription. Here, you can also add credit card to pay for your subscription.

Employees in the company

This guide shows how you as an employee have different rights and options in the fiscals you have access to.

Resign or rehire a user in Xena

Please follow this guide if you have an employee who has either left your company or needs to be rehired.

Automatically receive reports

If you're considering how convenient it would be for Xena to automatically send monthly balance statements, then the 'Automatic Reporting' feature is what you're looking for.

Email Sending from own SMTP Server

You can configure your Xena fiscal to send emails from your own SMTP server to ensure that the sender's email address is your own.

Select a default report layout

If you want the invoice and offer reports without the article number, you can simply switch to one of our other standard reports that suit your needs.

Copy fiscal

You can copy your fiscal into a new fiscal, along with all configurations and core data. It's quick and straightforward!